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I will pay for your first month of service.
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Plan comes with two phones exactly the same. Gravity T (SGH-T669) Slide out keyboard is perfect for texting and also has medium sized touch screen. My wife and I have never run out of minutes with this plan and Unlimited texting is great. Comes with charger. This is perfect for someone who wants a good texting phone without all the bells and whistles.
Cash Incentive $10.00 & Free Phone Being Offered
Contract Take Over Details
  Plan Family Plan Shared 1000
  Daytime Monthly Minutes 1000
  Evenings and Weekends Yes
  Evening Start Time 18:00
  Monthly Cost 65.00
  Contract End Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 0000-00-00
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» Family Plan
» Free Nights and Weekends
» Free Mobile to Mobile
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I will pay for your first month of service.
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  Company Samsung
  Phone Model
Gravity T
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  Phone Condition
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  Company Samsung
  Phone Model
Gravity T
  Phone Color
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