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Take over a cell phone

Take over a cell phone

Most cell phone service providers provide the users with a contract of no less than a year which isn’t comfortable for everyone. Some people prefer to have short term contract so that they can upgrade their handset often. The only way to get a short term contract is to take over a cell phone contract that someone else already has. Both parties are benefitted by doing so. The seller can get out of his contract without having to pay a termination penalty and the buyer gets a short term contract.
But if you aren’t careful enough when you take over cell phone contract things might not work out as you would have thought they would. Consider this, why would someone want to get rid of their cell phone contract early? There would be a reason, and a person would only want to go through the process if they are unhappy with the cell phone or the service provider. Therefore, it is very important to check all the basic things before you make the big decision and get a short term contract. The suggestions listed below would help you out with the decision making:
·         The best thing to do when you want to take over a cell phone contract is to be straightforward and just ask the seller why he/she wants to get rid of theirs; this is the best way to find out what problems they have had with the contract.
·         Before you make a decision check which cell phone service provider is the contract from and ask friends, family or colleagues about their experience with that service provider.
·         Check all the calling rates, the fixed monthly payments, the charges for text messages, picture messages and the web services charges. If you aren’t careful you might discover a lot of hidden costs when you receive your first monthly bill after you take over a cell phone contract.
·         Check the condition of the handset and ask the seller how long it has been used. If possible try to physically inspect it since every cell phone would look nice in a photograph.
·         Ask what features the cell phone has. Of course you wouldn’t get the latest handset in a short term contract but it should at least have all the basic features that you might require in your cell phone.
·         Ask the seller what accessories are included in the deal, most sellers would offer accessories and freebies as a part of the deal so if a seller doesn’t offer you any you must simply move on to the next seller.
·         Check what call plan the seller is currently using and if it is appropriate for you. You also need to check if it is possible to swap call plans later.

Follow these simple suggestions to get the best out of your short term contract.


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Cellplandepot.com is a community for people looking to get out of their cell phone contract "Plan Droppers" and those looking to takeover a contract "Plan Seekers". This service adds value to cell phone service agreement holders as it satisfies their need to break a contract and avoid the steep early termination fee. Those who takeover a plan will receive numerous incentives such as cash, free cell phones and accessories, and avoid activations fees through the simple transfer process. It is a win-win process as both Plan Seekers and Plan Droppers save money through this innovative service.

Cellplandepot.com is one of the world's first cell phone contract marketplaces. We are here to accomplish one goal. Satisfy customer needs. Our customer support team is listening so please feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions.

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