CellPlanDepot – Who should consider breaking a cell phone contract?

January 30th, 2011

Who should consider breaking a cell phone contract?

There are several new cell phone models that get launched every month and people are always anxious to upgrade their models. Read this article to know who should actually consider switching their cell phone contracts.

Cell phones are the rage since the last few years, almost everyone today owns a cell phone and along with a means of communication a cell phone has become a status symbol too. College students and young people are especially attracted to newer cell phone models and are constantly thriving to buy the ones that have all the latest features so that they can show it off to their peers.

However, once you get a cell phone with the calling card you would be bonded to the contract with the service provider for as much as a year and it isn’t so easy to break contract. Many people then register with websites where they can transfer cell phone contract to other individuals just so that they can purchase a new one with the latest handset.

This isn’t advisable, there would be new models constantly launched in the market so you cannot keep upgrading your cell phone every other month. Doing that will only mean wasting a lot of time and a lot of your hard earned money towards something that you don’t really require.

However, under certain circumstances it is justified to want to break contract. In some situations we just don’t have a way out and we should transfer cell phone contract to someone who wants to purchase it. The below mentioned guidelines will explain who should and who shouldn’t consider breaking a contract:

  • If in case after getting into a contract with a cell phone service provider you come to know of a hidden charge which you were not informed of earlier and if you find it to be really expensive, you must definitely break contract. Not informing about a vital fact only shows that the company is not trustworthy and if you can you must definitely transfer cell phone contract to someone who is willing to buy it.
  • If after purchasing a contract you are transferred or you have to move to another location which is not covered by the service provider then there is no point sticking to the contract, you must break contract so that you do not have to pay the monthly bills without getting to use it. 
  • If at any point, the service provider changes the call plans in a way that it is no longer affordable or economical for you then rather than defaulting on the payment it is better to transfer cell phone contract to someone else.
  • If due to your business requirements or any other reason you are required to use certain features which are not present in your current cell phone then you must break contract and upgrade to a better handset that provides all the required features.

In certain cases it is justified to transfer cell phone contract to someone else who might need it.

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